It can be daunting making initial contact with someone you don’t know or aren’t aware of, so please feel free to spend some time to read what past and repeat clients have to say about our time together. You can then book your free consultation with me by clicking the button at the bottom of the page or head to the Contact Me page to complete a form.

Thank you so much for yesterday I really enjoyed my shopping experience with you. Your help, advice and good judgement on what to wear was extremely helpful. I will see my future purchases in a completely different light.
Being a mature lady I felt very comfortable with you and appreciated your easy approach throughout our shopping time together.
I am indebted to my lovely daughter for giving me the opportunity to have such a lovely day

– Maureen, London

“I booked Alex to take me shopping for an outfit for my daughter’s wedding. We went about 4 days before the actual event with a £300 budget…no pressure!
Over three hours we whittled down the options. I was glad of the warning to wear comfortable shoes, we walked about four miles…
We decided on a lovely blue dress with yellow spots and yellow accessories. I felt great wearing it and on the day everyone complimented me.
Alex, thank you for making the experience fun and also educational.
I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone needing expert advice if someone like me who has little confidence in choosing the right outfit.”

— Meg, Bluewater

“The shopping day with Alex was fantastic, she took me to brick lane to Rokit and the vintage emporium the time went in a flash but we found so much, my money went further with buying vintage and I came away with everything that we had on the list – including leather trousers! Something I didn’t think I would wear in a million years but absolutely love. It was such a relaxed morning, we laughed and chatted easily, and Alex has an expert eye for items. She spied things I would have missed or thought no I can’t wear that. I came home with very exciting additions to my wardrobe.”

— Gemma, London

You can read Gemmas full review here – https://www.facebook.com/pg/wearwhoyouwanttobe/posts/?ref=page_internal

“It has been such a joy to greet each day… been a little braver in my selections as the week progressed and felt strong for the conscious choices, (as opposed to ‘settling’ for what was to hand.) …who knows in what small way, but every day friends and strangers have commented and enquired. Time to coin a phrase ‘the Alex effect’ ?!
A testament to your genius that a lot of my clothes have lain dormant (and hopeful!) For a good 5 years plus”

— Kate, Chelmsford

“Thank for your help the other day, what a great shopping experience, and I’m looking forward to my day out in London with my daughters, dressing for my age but still feeling fresh and sexy”

— Jane, Chelmsford

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