The idea of Where Who You Want To Be was founded out of a talk I had with a business coach one day. We were discussing what I wanted my business to do, right at the heart of it, what outcome did I want to get from my image consultancy business.
I wanted to inspire women to wear who they want to be – I believe women deserve to feel amazing in what they wear, how they wear it, have the confidence to wear what they want, no matter their age, shape, budget or lifestyle.
For me it’s more than just going shopping for some pretty clothes, it’s about getting right down into the detail and finding out why they’re there with me in the first place, what’s got them to the point that they feel they need help with their wardrobe.
It’s about investing in key pieces that will build a good solid foundation for an awesome wardrobe and teaching you how to shop better in the future.
Granted, there is absolutely a need for just shopping for pretty clothes and occasions, but for me, it’s about supporting and helping those women who have lost their confidence and way with their style.
There are areas in the fashion world that I’m more passionate about than others and you will hear me talk more about style than fashion. Style is more classy, sophisticated and longer lasting, which is my passion. Slower Style, spend more, wear more, make your wardrobe work for you.
I want to change the mindset of women. How do you embrace your shape and have the power to not worry about how others perceive you? Is this an issue for you? Perhaps you don’t care and you just need some guidance in finding the new you as part of your life journey.