School Run Mum

I joined the school run brigade in September this year. How can I describe it? I wouldn’t say i’ve qualified to Motherland status just yet, more regression back to new motherhood when you’re trying to remember all the things you’re meant to do just to keep them alive.

School uniform, check. Is it clean, check – brownie point for you for remembering to wash it! Snack, check – books, check – child, check – extra brownie points for being early.

Now i’m sure many of us do this, but I know for me especially because of the nature of my job, I do love to check out what the other mums are wearing and not in a judgemental way, far from it, i’ve rocked up in my husbands tracksuit bottoms for drop off before, who am I to judge. No, i’m just interested in peoples style and if there’s any inspiration on the school run for me to change it up a bit.

I have been asked on a few occasions for ideas on school mum run style and i’ve tried curating a ‘heres my top 3 of xyz’ on a blog, but it just doesn’t work for me. My interests in writing don’t stretch to researching the top 3 macs for school run in the rain. If I see something I like then i’m all about the sharing (find me here), but i’d prefer to share my opinions with you, get conversations going and drop in some of my style ideas along the way.

So, for me there are 5 mum styles out there and we all have our right to those specific styles if that’s what makes us feel good without judgemumt (you see what I did there)

Gym mum – goes without saying that there were always going to be the mums out there that put all the jean mums to shame by dropping the kids off to school on their way to the gym. I have to say there are some mighty fine gym kits out at the moment and if I had any inclination to go to the gym at 9am (I don’t) then the school gates is where i’d be getting my inspo from.

Whilst looking for ‘All The Gear’ to start my yoga journey a while back, these were a couple of my favourite places to go for gym wear

Sweaty Betty or Lulu Lemon

Skinny jeans mum – classic skinny jeans, ankle boots or trainers, barbour jacket and logo sweat of choice (could potentially fall into Insta mum bracket). Always looking well turned out and put together

Now personally skinny jeans are something I have stepped away from although post baby could potentially be back on the cards, but all I would say here is invest, invest, invest! If you’re into your skinny jeans, don’t go cheap and let them sag at the knees. Whistles have a great super skinny in currently and their denim is on point –

Insta mum – Shes in the Zara dress, she’s in the logo sweat / T / Top, the white trainers and she’s styling it out like the influencers do whilst totally rocking it. And why the hell not! Being a mum is tough and if it helps to take some inspiration from social media to make yourself feel good without having to think too hard about what to wear then bloody good on you.

These Influencers are doing it for the mums

Dress Like a Mum

Mother of Daughters

The Fashion Lift

Trendy mum – The mum who looks like she doesn’t even have to try. So she’s just wearing jeans and converse, but how does she make it look so effortlessly cool. Even when doing the school run in the rain she nails it! Now I would put these mums into another bracket when it comes to womens fashion of ‘the woman who doesn’t even have to try’. The ones who when they get out of bed they have total bed head, but in a really cool way. Not like me who gets out of bed looking like i’ve been hooked up to frankensteins machine for the night.

If this is somewhere you see yourself, start gradual by adding a funky trainer to your every day look and clashing a pair of socks with them.

I don’t give a shit mum – And this is me. As my brand name depicts, I am all about wearing who you want to be and on the school run, on the days when i’m not working or have somewhere to be, I do opt for cosy. I am the mum that just doesn’t give a shit what she’s wearing and I really don’t. Maybe it’s my age, or the fact i’m comfortable with what I wear, perhaps it’s sheer and utter laziness, who knows, but I make no apologies for how I turn up to school. This is currently helped by the fact it’s cold and so I can hide my pyjama top under my winter coat and just throw some jeans and trainers on (see trendy mum)

Who needs to put on a bra when you’re just going to come home and spend the day writing about the fact you don’t need to wear a bra on the school run or do the housework. My son does love to point out that I am wearing my pyjamas, but I don’t think he’s told anyone at school just yet

If you’re the don’t give a shit mum and fancy stealing hubby’s tracksuit bottoms (see paragraph 3), then I can totally recommend these from Marks & Spencer

Are you a school run mum? Do you have a particular style? Any questions, thoughts, or ideas for an article, i’d love to hear from you. Drop them in the comments below xx

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