I need a pocket: a recent shopping session

No pressure then! I mean, there are a lot of clothes that come with pockets, but when we start narrowing down to the style of an item, lets say a dress or a skirt, the colour, the fit, then that’s a whole new ball game and I do love a challenge when it comes to styling women.

meme from Pinterest

I’d like to start sharing with you snippets of work I do when I go on shopping sessions or wardrobe detox’s.  I’m hoping you’ll find it interesting and maybe a little bit witty and lighthearted.  I take my job very seriously and I love what I do, but I think we can all have a bit of fun along the way and fashion should be an extension of your exuberant personality, so why not have some fun writing about it too.

Now, back to pockets.  This was one of the first things my client said to me as we were having a good old rummage through her wardrobe.  I’ve said it before and i’ll keep saying it, this is one of my favourite things when working with new clients.  Your wardrobe is such a personal space whether you love whats in it or not and then you invite me round, I have a good old nose, take everything out, put most / some (delete as appropriate) things back and tell you how to wear your clothes differently, that takes some guts ladies and I’m always grateful to be a part of it.

photo from Pinterest

Anyway, I digress as per usual.  Post detox we set a date to go shopping and my clients requirements amongst other things consisted of clothes she could put on without the need to look in the mirror because she knew they looked good and she felt good, practical because she has a young family and pockets because we all know children get snotty and a tissue to hand is always helpful.

I like to do a pre-shop before we go shopping, so i’m ahead of the game and know which shops we’re going to hit and which brands are going to work for each clients requirements.  It saves time and means we can stay focussed.

We shopped, laughed at some of the pieces I got her to try that didn’t work and to be fair, she was extremely open to trying my suggestions.  I do gage very quickly how far I can push a client in stepping over the line of their comfort zone.  We danced when she loved something and I relished in my glory when she tried something she didn’t like until she put it on, but I knew would suit her down to the ground.  

We grabbed another drink because seriously, all the talking, whipping clothes on and off and laughing is thirsty work, then made our final pit stop for some good fitting, wider than skinny leg jeans.  Question: How do we feel about skinny jeans?  Personally I think they have had their day now and there are some amazing less skinny shapes out there now.  You can really go to town with a good jean in my opinion.

photo from Pinterest

I’ve laid out below some of  her favourite pieces we walked away with and some that didn’t quite work for her, but for one of you would look amazing.  I hope it gives you inspiration to try something new.  Let me know how you get on

Top row- hush, Middle row – Boden, Bottom row – Boden skirt, Max Studio jumpsuit both at John Lewis and Levis ribcage jeans

I never share photos of my clients as for me, I see this as their personal journey, they have allowed me to be a part of it and paid for my time. It’s a big step having someone come along and tell you what you’re wearing is completely wrong for you (bit harsh: it doesn’t actually happen like that) and so I throw myself 100% in to focussing on them and if i’m ever luck enough to work with you, i’d do the same for you. If, however, clients wish for photos to be taken and shared, then I absolutely will.

If you would like to know more about what I do or are interested in having a wardrobe detox of shopping session for yourself, I would love to hear from you. A consultation is free and there’s no pressure to take it any further. You can contact me at wearwhoyouwanttobe@gmail.com

Until next time, Alex x

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