How to wear …. a swimsuit

I hope we should all know by now how to put on a swimsuit, but what I mean is, how can we dress it up effortlessly? Like we’ve just got up, rolled out of bed and thrown the first thing that comes to hand on. When really you’ve been up for 2 hours, contemplating everything in your wardrobe, nothing really goes and so you end up settling on something from the dirty wash pile because it doesn’t smell too bad!

I’m a real fusspot when it comes to swimwear and I can never find exactly what I’m after, which even I find an increasingly frustrating trait. It shouldn’t be that hard to find something to sit on the beach in whilst you rotate yourself on the sun bed like a rotisserie chicken to get that perfect tan. I even got stuck in a swimming costume the other week and had to be pulled out of it by a fellow colleague. I thought i’d totally won the jackpot with this find, it was exactly what I was after, but it did not like me and lets just say it all got a bit personal in the changing rooms and me and my colleague now share a bond like Monica and Joey from friends and the jellyfish incident!

For me, the perfect swimwear needs to be able to take you from breakfast, to beach, to pool, to bar, to beach and back again and maybe even sometimes to the evening. Not too much to ask, am I right? It’s not unheard of that I will don a swimsuit for an evening look. Hey, if it works, it works, don’t be shy to try. It’s got to be easy and cool, I don’t like fuss, but I do like fun and with fun comes colour and statement.

BIMBA Y LOLA is a brand that’s pretty new to me. I’d seen them advertised here and there, but never really paid attention until they caught my eye whilst strolling the streets of Kensington and from that a recent bag purchase with 40% off, so thank you for that and a subscription to their online newsletter, which leads me to the following.

They are all over sharks this season, I don’t know if it’s a replacement for the cactus trend, or the pineapple or pug trends, but hey, it works and i’m obsessed.

The above little number caught my eye and I loved how BIMBA Y LOLA styled it up on their site, but obviously that’s way too easy to click, click, click and buy, so I did it my way and I can totally image wearing with some oversized sunglasses and straw/rattan/wicker (delete as appropriate) bag to finish the look off.

The shirt is by OYSHO, a sustainable brand specialising in swimwear and beachwear. They’re a European brand, so currently only available to us in the UK online – Linen Short Sleeve Shirt

These gorgeous little sliders are from online boutique Born at Dawn. A super website of a capsule collection of seasonal trends – White Leather Sandals

I’m off to start prepping for my Summer holiday now (actually i’m not, we’re moving to the seaside in a couple of months, so i’ll be packing up the house), but if you love the idea of the simplicity of beach ready outfits for your upcoming holiday and either don’t have the time or the inclination to do so yourself, I can absolutely help. An initial consultation is free and i’m really good at chatting on the phone. Contact me here to start your style journey

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