Bikinis, body confidence and lady gardens

Once a month I meet up with an awesome group of women, we have coffee, we put the world to rights and we bounce ideas off each other.  I honestly feel like I’d be lost without them now.

At our latest coffee morning, the girls were asking me if I was still swimming once a week and I proudly confirmed I was.  Which then lead seamlessly onto the topic of swimwear and what to wear if you’re lady garden has been left to grow wild and untamed.

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So this is how my latest post transpired …. Using a swim suit to cover your muff because you haven’t tidied since the dark ages. Well you gotta take your inspiration where you can get it right! We did have a couple of strong contenders and a discussion around how we struggle to find good swimwear that we feel is practical enough to hold our bits and pieces in, whilst feeling comfortable and confident. 

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When I was young I was a really good swimmer, I swam for my school and every Friday night was always at the local pool attempting to chat up the lifeguards!  Fast forward a few (cough) years and I’ve started again, swimming that is, I’m too old, tired and married to chat anyone up now!  I only go once a week, but I’m loving it and I totally lose myself once I get into the swim of things.  BUT I always forget that my lady garden has been left to go wild until I go to put my swimsuit on and by then it’s a bit late to do anything about it.  I attempt to tuck those strays back in as best I can and just think to myself that once I’m in the water no-one will see anyway and it makes me get in much quicker!!! It’s not something I really care about either, I can’t be arsed to maintain down there on a regular basis, I just hope no one has goggles on in the pool!!

We then dipped our toes into body confidence and whether we should wear bikinis to show our children that even though our body’s aren’t perfect (says who?), we shouldn’t be ashamed to wear one even if we ourselves feel uncomfortable …. Here’s my opinion on the subject. ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY NOT! Firstly, your children love you no matter what.  Secondly, if you don’t feel good in what you wear, they will pick up on those negative nancy vibes and cling to them and thirdly, by wearing what you want to wear / how you want to wear it, be it proudly showcasing those stray pubes, hiding that bush with a skirted swim suit or covering the bare minimum with tiny pieces of triangular material, you are teaching your kids that you don’t have room for judgement from other people no matter your style and embracing your look because of who you are, not what you think you should be.

I’ve scoured t’web and below are some of my stand out muff friendly and not so friendly swimsuits for this coming season. It was interesting to find some small independent brands that are recycling disused fishing nets and turning them into swim wear. This blows my mind and I would love to find out how they do it. They’re actually pretty stunning pieces too and if your taste isn’t the same as mine, click through their websites and see if anything else takes your fancy

Marble are a sustainable and ethical swimwear brand

Auria are a sustainable and ethical swimwear brand

Oysho are an ethical swimwear brand

Batoko are a sustainable and ethical brand

Ohoy are a sustainable and ethical brand

Called the boyleg if you want to find your own style, but these are Boden and come in a range of colours

From &Other Stories, good for covering bingo wings!

One more things before I go. What’s your vibe on swimwear? What do you feel more comfortable in and how confident are you in swimwear and why?

There are ways to hide the areas you’re not comfortable with, it’s just knowing how, so if you struggle with body confidence, how to dress for your shape and feel you would benefit from some style advice, please get in touch.

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