A Personal Styling Experience

It’s always a tricky one when you make contact with someone for the first time that you know nothing about, but when I opened the email from Gemma asking me if I was up for a challenge, I just knew we were going on one hell of a ride.


I want to take you on our journey, so you get an idea of what having a personal stylist is about. A lot of ladies I speak to find it can be an intimidating experience and are really nervous, but I say if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t have got in touch in the first place and it’s OK to be a bit nervous, it’s a huge investment in yourself and who has the time to do that, am I right?  Big changes are coming, but lets have some fun along the way.  I promise to be gentle and i’m really lovely

Lets start with an initial consultation.  It gives me a better understanding of why you contacted me and where I think our main focus should be of getting you out of your fashion funk. We get to know each other and you can ask questions and I can find out more about your shopping habits, lifestyle and budget. With Gemma, she was really keen to get to the shops, but we agreed that an hour or so looking through her wardrobe first would probably be a good idea because she wanted a full style transition and I wanted to see what we were starting with.


The Wardrobe Detox

Gemma had a somewhat eclectic mix in her wardrobe (and I mean that in the kindest of ways) of high street, to higher end to 1950s inspired to a full on original vintage circus Ringmasters Jacket. I’d never seen anything like it and I knew behind the 6th Ted Baker satin floral dress there was a girl who loved fashion just waiting to get out and just like entering Narnia, I had to dig deep and find her.

ringmaster jacket

So we got rid of it all! All the Ted Baker, all the high street, we both agreed it wasn’t her vibe and it had to go.

Here’s an example. She had a wedding coming up and was going to wear a black satin shift dress. When we were talking she didn’t sound inspired or bothered about what she was going to wear. Not OK in my book, after all, this is what I stand for you and you NEED to feel amazing in what you wear, so I hit the pause button and asked her –  pick me an outfit, out of all your clothes if you were going to this wedding right now what would you want to wear, not what you think you should wear, but lets see what’s inside you.  I can tell you it wasn’t Ted Baker!


Don’t worry, I did leave her with some clothes, but it also enabled me to pull a list together of gaps in her wardrobe which would give us some focus on what we needed to be looking for when we went shopping.

The Shopping Day

We went Vintage. It was never going to be H&M for this butterfly and so off to Brick Lane we went with her budget firmly in my head and her list of wants in my hand we hit the shops … hard!


I pulled out items she wasn’t sure of, but was open to trying, some worked, some didn’t and that’s OK, if you don’t try, how do you know. She pulled out her own items and had her own ideas. I kept her in check with her budget and she totally ran away with it, but hey, that’s her prerogative. We always bought it back to what was in her wardrobe, as after all, at the end of the day, an experience like this although super fun, is always about making your wardrobe work for you and your lifestyle.


We stopped for lunch and put the world to rights then carried on our way. We found a treasure trove of underground vintage and discovered Gemma has an addiction to jackets. She also discovered life after skinny jeans and the lure of 80’s vintage was particularly high.

After an intense morning of shopping, she went home super happy with her new purchases.


The Post Shopping Wardrobe Smash

This is where we take your existing clothes and together with your lovely new ones that we shopped for, we pull together new, fun and creative looks. I took photos and created a look book to keep Gemma inspired with ideas of how to mix and match her new wardrobe.  As you can see, Gemma is a bit of a shrinking violet.

We played dress up and Gemma now has a wardrobe that absolutely works for her based on her personality, her lifestyle and her budget. She has rolled with it and we talk all the time still. Now I’m confident in what I wear, I know what I like and how I dress, but she even inspired me to think about shopping more vintage and embracing more of what I want to wear rather than conforming. Even as I have been typing this, she’s been texting me outfit ideas for an immersive dinner experience in London and what she’s going to wear. How amazing is that! That’s the thing about working with me, I got your back even when the experience is over.

This is Gemmas journey. She totally embraced the whole situation and has given me permission to share our story. Yours will be different, but I guarantee it will be fun!

I hope this has given you an insight into what you could get from a styling experience and if working with a personal stylist is something you’re interested in doing, you can get in touch here for a free consultation.  I would love to hear from you.

Until next time

Alex xx

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