Pantomime Style for the 21st Century

It’s panto season!!  And with it comes the Christmas spirit, the singing and dancing, the excitable children screaming at the actors as they pretend not to notice the giant 2 man horse behind them and the brightly coloured over the top costumes.  So with this in mind, I thought we’d get into the spirit of things over at Wear Who You Want To Be and go crazy with some fun and creative outfit inspiration based around 3 of the main characters from such an English yearly tradition.


(image taken from an Independent newspaper article)

I donned my skinny jeans and thigh high boots the other night.  I don’t wear them very often for fear of emanating Vivienne from Pretty Woman, but who am I kidding, Julia Roberts I am not and LA, Essex is not, but all the same, when it’s not something you wear very often, sometimes it can take a while to get comfortable, but it got me slapping my thigh and those creative juices started to flow.

Kicking off in the early 19th century, it’s well known that the hero of a pantomime is played by a female and for reasons unbeknown to me, not that it’s an issue, I think it’s actually a pretty cute look, but they usually end up donning some brocade pantaloons and thigh high boots.  But the hero of my story has upped her game and she’s ready to save the day!


Boots, Dress, Bag

And what do hero’s do best?  Save the damsel and my darling, you shall go to the ball.  We’ll add a modern twist to the ball gown in this gorgeous colour block dress by Rotate.

Dress, Bag, Shoes

And finally, I doubt anyone would boo and hiss you in this beauty of an outfit, i’ve incorporated vintage and current trends here.  The baddie is always a spiky little minx and you’ve got to keep your wits about you.  I think this shirt definitely eludes to the idea that the wearer is not to be messed with and on their head be it!  Or off with their head, depending on which panto you are watching.


Trousers, Top, Boots

I’d love to see these ideas come to life and I really hope it’s given you some inspiration to express your inner panto character this Christmas season x



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