You Know When You’re Like Argh ….

It’s that time of year again when the shops start filling up with new trends for the new season and it’s exciting because everything is fresh and new and the lure of a purchase is so tempting.

I’m currently in that phase of getting a few bits in for when the weather turns.  Now believe me, i’m not in a hurry for this, but at the same time I don’t wanna be unprepared and it became apparent to me the other day I am somewhat lacking in the jumper department.

So I did what every good woman and personal shopper does, I’ve blown my budget for the month on everything but a jumper.  I’ve got dresses and jeans (because I don’t have enough jeans …. I do!), a swim suit and a play suit and a rather over the top frilly top from Ganni and why have I done this I hear you cry, surely you should know better ….. It’s the fear, the fear made me do it!!!!

Now when I talk about the fear, i’m not talking a fear of the weather turning or a fear of falling in love with a top at first online site, i’m talking about the fear of losing who you are as a women that moment you become a mum!

When I was pregnant I vowed I wouldn’t change, I wouldn’t take the baby into the shops because that was ‘my time’ and I wouldn’t stop wearing heels.  I even bought myself a pair of 4 inch heels whilst 8 months pregnant.  Tottering around Office was not the most attractive site for other shoppers and even getting myself up off the chair to go to the mirror was almost as challenging as giving birth.

Leopard and D 1

Even now my son is pushing 4, I still struggle with dressing myself.  Which you might find weird considering I make a living out of dressing other women, but i’m good at that, I work to your requirements, not mine.  In my head there is a constant battle between the ‘mum; in me who thinks a t-shirt and jeans uniform is the best way to go, but my god, that’s not me and it isn’t exactly setting the world on fire and the pre mum in me that is still, come on Alex, just get the £200 top, you’ll totally wear it ALL the time’.

Why do we change so much after having a child?  This blog does not have the answer, it was totally metaphorical.  We are still independent women with our own minds, so why shouldn’t we continue to wear what the hell we want?  Should this be an unrealistic outfit of choice if that’s what you want to wear as you push a trolley with a screaming kid in it around Tesco while you try not to lose your shit because you’ve only had 3 hours sleep?  I know right, i’ve already talked myself out of donning the sequinned lame dress I’d got especially for my next shop!!!


Every time I have a splurge on clothes i’m so drawn to dress like the girl I used to be and you know what, there is absolutely no harm in that.  After all, that’s why I created ‘Wear Who You Want To Be’

So the next time you reach for that practical stained denim shirt that’s hiding behind your neon pink shirt that you haven’t worn because there hasn’t been the right time yet can’t seem to stop stroking whilst sighing and wishing you could wear it, you just put that denim to the back of the wardrobe and you wear that pink shirt with pride and show yourself that’ it is actually OK to still be you.

A quick note before I sign off, you can now shop my blog here

Until next time xx

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