Can we talk about ankle socks?

Love, hate, indifferent, couldn’t care less about them?

This post is a homage to the ankle sock because personally I love them.  Who’s wearing them, how to wear them and where to buy them?

Seems you don’t have to be between the age of 0 and 10 to wear the frilly ankle sock this season, from fishnet, to sheer, to metallic, to all the pattern, there is a sock out there for you, you just got to find your comfort zone.

The big influencers are doing it and whilst i’ve been out and about in the shops recently, you can’t move for ankle socks in the shops, which is lucky because since the Sock Shop closed down (anyone?), it’s not been easy finding some great socks to covert a look.

Using a sock in your outfit believe it or not could totally change your look and take it that one step up from the mundane same same, to wowzer, check her out, is she wearing a sock, she totally pulled that off.  And you can, it’s an easy way to lift your look and doesn’t take much thinking about.

The stunning Susie Bubble – @susiebubble wearing a frill sock and her reliable converse

For me, there are 2 ways to do this.  To heel or not to heel, that is the question.  I always go for a trainer and a crazy print, but I am determined to nail the heel / sock movement this year.  I just need an excuse to get out the house and into a shoe that’s higher than one of my childs squashed raisins.

The Fila trainer trend is massive this season and the copy’s are creeping into the shops now too, so if this is something you’re into, it won’t be hard to find yourself a pair. BUT, if you don’t want to buy the latest craze in trainers, you can still pull this look off.  Seriously, just find your ankle sock of choice and stick it on with your trainers.  Keep them cute and short.  We’re not about pulling them up as far as they go like when we were in primary school.  This is about your ankle coyly showing off a little of it’s cheeky side with a cutsie sock.

Babba C – @babbac in her chunky trainer and yellow sock / dress combo

The loafer, also a huge trend at the moment thanks to Gucci circa 1953.  Same idea as the trainer, but we’re stepping it up a notch.  Personally i’m not a trainer girl even though I seem to have more pairs than I can shake a stick at currently, I have always been into my shoes, so for me, i’m keen to try this look out in the not so distant future.

Photo taken from Pinterest – the Gucci loafer and fishnet sock

The heel and the sock.  My biggest nemesis that i’m determined to crack this year.  Oh why do you hate me so!  The trick here is to get yourself what I like to refer to as a snuggly sock.  You know, the ones that do come up to your calf, but we don’t wear them like that, we like to jooj them down so they’re all baggy around our ankles.  Keep your shoe quite simple and let the sock carry your outfit.  Personally while we’re figuring out if this is a look for us, i’d stick to a block colour court shoe, but as we get a bit braver then bring out the big guns and get that sock on with a sandal.

Leandra Cohen – @leandramcohen, my muse, knows how to put a sock and heel together

So where are the best places you can go to get yourself kitted out with these foot warmers of fashion?  Below i’ve linked to a few of my favourite places and what i’ll be buying this year.

AIDA – located in Shoreditch, East London, this fabulous concept store holds treasures for men, women for the home and they do some pretty amazing socks.  If you head there, why not try their pink coffee too

This frilly ankle sock is what caught my eye on their site.  It’s subtle enough for if this is the first time you’re trying the sock look and we want to be gentle with you, but the glitz just makes it a little bit more than your average sock, which is what we’re all about over here today.

AIDA Dagmar Sock

Gestuz – one of my favourite brands of the moment, this Scandi brand is bang on trend, but without the heavy price tags.  They don’t have a huge accessories selection, but what they have, they do well.

Lets add some sports luxe to your look with these babies.  Wear with ….. i’d stick to the trainer or a heel.  They’re a bit too heavy for a loafer

Gestuz Long Live Life Socks

Happy Socks – literally this site does what it says on the tin.  Socks to make you happy

We’re going all out with these ones.  Hello Ziggy Stardust, eat your tootsie heart out.  You gotta go bold with a pair of these on.  I’m thinking get those dancing shoes on and get on that dancefloor cos you are one hot lady in these and nobody is going to stop you!

Happy Socks leopard and stripes

And Finally

Calf Highs – don’t let their basic website put you off, these fish net socks are the best in town and none of that toe losing circulation because it’s literally stuck in the fish net.  These guys have thought of everything and there’s none of that losing a toe situ with them

Calf Highs

Alex @wearwhoyouwanttobe – attempting the sock / heel look

If this is a look you’re been wanting to covert for a while or you have been doing it for years, i’d love to see your photos of you rocking your ankle socks and shoe combo.

Until next time xx

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