An introduction to Alex …

Write a blog they said, you’re funny they said and by they I refer to my friends and colleagues.  Now I don’t boast to have loads of either, but if more than one person says it then surely you’ve got to stop and listen right?

Here we go and where to start.  I mean, I’m 40 years old, nearly 41, I’ve got a lot to say, but what do you really want to know?

Wright Bros

So now i’ve stated i’m into my 40’s and surely due my crisis where potentially I could get tattooed from head to toe or join the hells angels and ride a motorbike all day, but what else?  Married for one year to the love of my life and we have a 3 year old going on sometimes 4, sometimes 13, but considers himself to always be right (like his dad) and a cat, who used to be mute until just recently when the original alpha cat had to be put down now she’s like ‘hey, listen to me, I’ve got 13 years of quiet to make up for here’.

Anxiety sufferer who talks ALOT to cover her nerves and awkward silences or uses humour for the same reason.

I own and run an image consulting business and also work part time in retail.

I love fashion, but it’s more than just clothes to me.  It’s about the textures, the fabric, walking around the shops and inhaling that smell of high end fashion- not literally sniffing the clothes obviously – but just nose in the air, taking it all in, the scents of other women shoppers and the high end leathers and fabrics on 2nd floor of Selfridges, man I love it .  I have this thing where I have to touch the fabrics to get a real understanding of the materials and create outfit ideas in my mind

But it’s more than just the clothes, it’s about how they make you feel about yourself.  Personally I won’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it.  Now that might be for 10 days or 10 years, but in that moment, I will love it.  I never settle for ‘oh that will do, it’s only a tenner’.  That’s £10 towards something that you will love or a couple of glasses of vino whilst out with your girlfriends or tut tut Alex, a packet of cigarettes.

I have the taste of a film star on a shoe string budget

I believe we’re either shoes or handbags and I am a shoe.  I dress myself from the shoe up and these are my guilty pleasures.  A total shoe whore, I wouldn’t think twice about selling my child for the latest Sophia Webster!

I also believe that clothes can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and the confidence they can bring to you. This is something  I’m hugely passionate about and where my idea for Wear Who You Want To Be came from. I don’t have lots of clothes, but i’m clever with how I put items together and although in my mind I’m this uber cool, hipster 40 (something) and super trendy, dreaming can only take you so far, before the reality kicks in.  Although, I have been told that if one of the girls I work with is as cool as me when she’s a mum, she’ll be happy … I’ll take that!

We won’t be talking Primark, or TopShop over here, I’m not a high street shopper, it’s got so fast and maybe it’s because i’m older, but as highly maintained as I am, I like to be chilled when it comes to what I wear.   I also like to be different and not necessarily discover new brands, but ones slightly under the radar.  If you told me something was flying out the shop, chances are I’d be putting it straight back on the rail.  I’m not great at following the herd, I just like what I like and currently we’re all about the skandi brands and what I like to call  ‘affordable luxury’ and that’s me, in a nutshell.  So here’s what i’m crushing on currently (prices correct at time of writing) …. until next time

Gestuz dress
Dress by Gestuz















Diesel Boot
Boots by Diesel


Off White 1
Belt by Off White


Kenzo pink
Trainers by Kenzo


Slip dress reformation
Slip by Reformation

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